Corn germ

Product introduction:

Corn germ is a product obtained by crushing and separating corn. It has a special flavor and is mainly used to produce corn oil.


Corn germ oil can not only be refined into nutritious edible oils such as salad oil, cooking oil and margarine, but also can be used as high-grade raw materials in the pigment, paint and soap industries. The deoiled meal contains rich nutrients such as protein and is an excellent feed ingredient.


It is used to make corn germ oil and corn germ protein. It can also be used as energy and protein supplementary feed for dairy cows during peak lactation.

Packaging specifications:

The net content of each bag is 25kg / 500kg / 650kg / 800kg, and can also be packed according to user needs.

Storage conditions:

The original packaging bag is sealed and stored in a cool, ventilated and dry place.