L-Lactic Acid

Product Introduction:

L- Lactic Acid also known as l-a-hydroxypropionic acid. CAS: 79-33-4, molecular formula: C3H6O3, molecular weight: 90.08. The appearance is colorless to light yellow transparent liquid, without peculiar smell, or slightly with characteristic smell.

Product features:

Adopting advanced fermentation process, the safety performance is guaranteed, applicable to different fields, and the international market demand is large.

Usages of Product:

L-Lactic Acid has been widely used in food, tobacco medicine, daily cosmetics and other industries. It can be divided into the following categories according to the specific uses:

Food industry: mainly used in confectionery, beverage (such as beer, wine and lactic acid drinks) and other food processing industries, as sour agent and taste regulator, it is called absolutely safe food additive. It can also be used in the processing and preservation of cool drinks and vegetables;

tobacco industry: adding appropriate amount of L-lactate can improve the quality of tobacco, maintain the humidity of tobacco and improve the taste;

pharmaceutical industry: skin disease treatment, dialysate and oral health care. L-lactic acid is an important pharmaceutical intermediate, which can be used for the production of erythromycin Ringer's solution infusion, L-calcium lactate, L-sodium lactate, l-zinc lactate, l-ferrous lactate and other drugs, as well as operating room, sick room, laboratory and other disinfectants;

cosmetics industry: L-lactic acid can be used as moisturizer, humectant, skin renewal agent, pH regulator, acne remover and tooth scaling remover;

other industries: in addition to the above applications, L-lactic acid can also be used to produce biodegradable plastics - polylactic acid and green environmental protection solvents - l-methyl lactate, L-ethyl lactate, etc.

Packaging Specification:

It is packed in food grade polyethylene plastic barrels with a net content of 25kg per barrel. It can also be packed according to the requirements of customers.


It shall be stored in a cool, ventilated and dry warehouse. During transportation, the means of transport shall be clean to prevent damage to the packaging barrel. During re storage and transportation, it is prohibited to store or transport toxic, harmful, corrosive substances and other pollutants together.

Quality Standard:GB1886.173-2016