Anhui BBCA Biochemical & Futerro PLA Co., Ltd

Anhui BBCA Biochemical & Futerro PLA Co., Ltd. was founded on April 19,2018, co-financed by Anhui BBCA Biochemistry Co., Ltd. and the FUTERRO, which belongs to the GALACTIC. 

The company is mainly engaged in the R&D, product and sales of Polylactic Acid, Polylactic Acid Plastic, Polylactic Acid fiber, Polylactic Acid film and biodegradable materials. The grades include injection molding, fiber, blown film and 3D printing, as well as special products that meet customers’ needs. The company always takes the protection of the ecological environment as its responsibility, driving the upgrading of traditional industries by useing technology innovation. and replaces the "black gold economy" with traditional petroleum and coal as raw mat erials with a sustainable "green gold economy" for biomass processing, thereby realizing the use and utilization of renewable resources. 

The company has the world's leading polylactic acid production equipment and technology of FUTERRO . Through the development and verification of fiber, injection molding and other downstream products of BBCA Group National Fermentation Engineering Center for many years, relying on BBCA Group's global marketing network, environmental protection, health, The core competitiveness with excellent performance will enable the new biological materials to be promoted and applied more quickly.