Huaibei SINOGEL Amino Acid Co.Ltd

Huaibei SINOGEL Amino Acid Co., Ltd.((hereinafter“the company”) ) is  found in June,2008.It located in Huaibei Economic Development Zone,Anhui,China. The company belongs to Anhui  BBCA biochemical Co., Ltd., and its business scope is to produce and sell fine chemical products, bio-chemical products, amino acids, bio-chemical products, etc.

The main products are L-Alanine,DL-Alanine,DL-Asparitic acid,D-Asparitic acid and so on.In September 2015, the company conducted strategic cooperation with  BBCA Group, a world-renowned enterprise, which further improved the company's competitiveness in management, capital, technology, industrial scale and other aspects.  1562120057567228

The production technology adopted by the company is all biological engineering technology.In order to reduce the production cost, improve the product quality and prevent the harm of the production process to the environment, the company continues to carry out technological innovation on Alanine and Aspartic Acid.The "DL-Alanine production technology" independently developed by the company is a scientific and technological achievement of Anhui province, and has been granted the national invention patent.

The company has passed the ISO 22000:2005 food safety management system certification, the European Union REACH certification, the industrial product production license certification, and the international KOSHER certification,Islamic "HALAL" certification.In August 2012, it was awarded "provincial enterprise technology center", and in July 2017, it was awarded "national high-tech enterprise".The company has one national invention patent authorization, two invention patents that have been declared and entered into substance examination, and three participating in the formulation of industry standards.

The domestic sales of the company's products are mainly concentrated in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Beijing and other areas.Foreign markets are mainly Japan, South Korea, the United States, Russia, Taiwan, EU countries and regions.Is the world's leading supplier of alanine.