BBCA Brazil Trade SA


BBCA Brazil trade SA is a trade-type branch company registered by BBCA China Group in Brazil. It is mainly engaged in the export of Brazilian agricultural and forestry products and the import and distribution of chemicals.

The company has an independent warehousing facility in Santa Catarina State in southern Brazil. While distributing the group's products, it can provide customers with a variety of food additives and feed additive products. Brazil has abundant agricultural and animal husbandry resources. The company actively develops soy, beef, pulp and other product trading businesses to provide more high-quality Brazilian products to the Chinese market.

Add:Av. Nove de Julho, n° 2050, Sala 88, BBCA Brazil SP Office, Vila Nova, Salto - SP, CEP: 13.321-010.

Tel:+55 (11) 4602 6363