BBCA Grease Co., Ltd.

BBCA Grease Co., Ltd. was registered on Sept. 27,2018, and was jointly funded by Anhui BBCA Biochemistry Co., Ltd and Anhui BBCA International Trade Co., Ltd. 

BBCA Grease Co., Ltd. is a specialized company established by BBCA group to take advantage of Brazil's abundant soybean resources and take charge of soybean deep processing. The company's products mainly include fermented soybean meal protein feed, soybean meal, soybean oil, phospholipid and corn oil.

Power demand is protein raw materials, fermented soybean meal is a kind of stable quality of raw material plant protein, the main body of consumption has always been a cake, the company with the development of green, environmental protection, health cultivation needs, based on a group of fermentation technology national engineering research center platform, by using the core patent technology, strains and fermentation with fermented soybean meal plant protein feed, in order to meet the market demand, and constantly promote the development and expansion of China fermentation industry of vegetable protein.

At the same time, the company also launched disposable small and medium-sized packaging edible oil, because of its safety, health and complete categories, is generally accepted and selected by users, is the food and beverage oil market quality products.

Company has solid technical backing, perfect quality system, always adhere to the product from raw material procurement to product processing and sales of strict control, ensure the related products to meet customer demand, the company related products in food, feed, pharmaceutical and other industries have broad application prospects, will continue to promote the development of relevant industries.